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Happy National Chocolate Day! Plus a Halloween Recipe!

fudge flat 1

Now, I know the “official” start of Autumn has already taken place, but to me – the beginning of the Holiday season is today, October 28th – National Chocolate Day!!  Autumn weather is starting to arrive across the country – FINALLY!  Leaves are falling and tailgates are dropping for football games.  It’s the perfect time of […]

Spring Into Action!


There are various technical definitions of spring, but local usage of the term varies according to local climate, regional cultures and customs. Before Spring was called Spring, it was called Lent in Old English. Starting in the 14th century, that time of year was called “springing time” – a reference to plants “springing” up from […]

Celebrating the Pecan!

gophers eod box

Did you know that the pecan is the only tree nut native to North America?  Its buttery flavor and unmatched nutritional content have resulted in growing worldwide popularity. Its’ origin is traced back to the 16th century.  And the name “pecan” is derived from the Native American (Algonquin) word “pacane” (pacane) that described “nuts requiring […]

What Do PB&J, Easter & Carbonara have in common? All topics in my blog this week!


NATIONAL PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY DAY is TODAY, APRIL 2nd… It’s so common now, it’s hard to imagine that peanut butter was considered a delicacy in the early 1900s and was only served in New York City’s finest tea rooms!  Oddly, in May 1896, an article appeared in Good Housekeeping magazine and “urged homemakers to use a meat grinder to […]

National Chocolate Caramel Day!

sea salt caramel tin

Whether you pronounce it care-a-mel or car-mel – we can all agree that Caramel is a truly exceptionally delicious treat!   Happy Chocolate Caramel Day!   E.O.D Confections loves to tickle your tastebuds with the luscious taste of caramel in several different ways…Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels, our Sea Salt Gophers and with our Ultimate Colossal Caramel Apples. Keep reading […]

Oh, Fudge – How Delicious!

eod box and fudge

 E.O.D Extra Ordinary Delights makes the fudging best confections!  Not only do I whip up delicious and luxurious treats for you, but I like to connect on a regular basis to let you know I sincerely appreciate your interest and business.  Keep reading and get the coupon code for 10% off a fudge order of $50.00 or […]

National Oreo Cookie Day (and don’t forget Easter is a few hops away)…

grasshopper ice cream pie 1 1

National Oreo Cookie Day is Saturday, March 6th and my 3-ingredient Oreo Pie will make you start thinking of spring and summer…it’s easy as 1 – 2 – 3, so give it a try to celebrate!  Make it a family project and make it fun! In my blog, I like to share fun and timely recipes and […]

National Pistachio Day – Saturday, 2/27


Happy National Pistachio Day from your friends at E.O.D Confections!    Just when you thought you knew your Nuts, the pistachio isn’t a nut at all!  And that’s nuts!  Read on for more… Technically, it’s a “drupe,” a fleshy tree fruit that contains a shell-covered seed…how bizarre, right?  With pistachios we discard the fruit flesh for the […]

Favorite Presidential Sweets and Desserts

coconut macaroons 210212041902

Sweets are something that most people love and indulge in (especially if it’s from E.O.D).  The same is true at the White House, where Presidents and their families have enjoyed simple and luxurious sweets on many occasions.  On this Presidents’ Day, we stop to take a look back at what desserts were served in the […]

Romantic Valentine’s Day DIY Tips

valentines dinner recipes for two mainphoto

Let’s be honest, we love romance (ok, maybe for some it’s just on Valentine’s Day)…but do we really know how to pull it off?  It’s really not that hard with some planning and a little action!  Here are some suggestions to make your “Valentine’s STAY Dinner” (get it…since so many restaurants closed or at limited […]

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