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Our Journey to Extra Ordinary Delights

Hello from both of us, Aaron and McKayla Hale. My journey to co-founding Extra Ordinary Delights (E.O.D) began in a way I never expected. Serving as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technician for 14 years, I specialized in defusing dangerous explosives, a job that demanded precision, courage, and a cool head. It was during a mission in Afghanistan in 2011 that my life changed in an instant. An IED, hidden and unseen, exploded in front of me, robbing me of my sight. This moment marked the beginning of a new chapter, one where I would learn that overcoming obstacles was about finding new paths to success. I embraced this challenge head-on, participating in marathons, climbing mountains, and kayaking through rapids, all without sight.

The twists and turns of life didn’t stop there. I later faced a battle with bacterial meningitis, which took my hearing, plunging me into a world of silence. It was during this time that McKayla, reconnecting after years, stepped in as my pillar of support. Her move across the country, leaving her life behind to communicate with me by tracing letters into my hand, was a beacon of hope. Together, we navigated through the darkness and silence.

In the midst of recovery, I found solace in the kitchen, reigniting my passion for cooking. A particular Thanksgiving dinner showcased a special batch of handcrafted fudge, which was met with overwhelming acclaim. This moment was the spark for E.O.D, a venture where our shared love for creating and sharing exquisite flavors came to fruition.

McKayla, alongside co-founding E.O.D, launched Empowered by Connection, an empowering community for entrepreneurial women in real estate, dedicated to uplifting their businesses and helping them achieve their goals. Her mission is to inspire women to create a positive impact on the future.

I’ve also found a voice through my podcast, “Point of Impact,” focusing on stories of overcoming adversity and making meaningful changes. Together, we’ve ventured into real estate, investing in projects that align with our commitment to community and resilience.

E.O.D is more than just our business; it’s a testament to our journey, a symbol of resilience, and the joy of sharing something beautiful with the world. From the ‘Merican Pick-Me-Up to the Strawberry White, each piece is a part of our story, celebrating the beauty of overcoming and delighting in the possibilities life offers.

Our path from military service and personal adversity to gourmet confectionery and empowering communities is a story we hold dear and are eager to share. E.O.D represents our connection to each other and to those we inspire. Your support means the world to us, and we hope our creations bring as much happiness to you as they do to us.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey. We’re excited to see where it leads and to share every step with you.

Warmest regards, Aaron and McKayla Hale



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