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Extra Ordinary Delights

Veteran-made confections delivered to your doorstep.

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Aaron Hale, a 14 year veteran, military chef and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (E.O.D) team leader has overcome all odds. From the moment a blast robbed Aaron of his vision in Afghanistan to years later when he lost his hearing, he refused to accept defeat.

Now equipped with cochlear implants and his wife McKayla at his side, Aaron has found his passion again–it’s back in the kitchen! Cooking is providing not only a sense of happiness for himself but for others around the world… one piece of fudge at a time. McKayla and Aaron work together every day to create these Extra Ordinary Delights, and they can’t wait to share them with you.

Aaron and McKayla Hale making fudge

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handcrafted fudge

Our fudge is hand poured and mixed on special tables to produce the smoothest, creamiest fudge you will ever taste. All of our homemade confections are made without preservatives to extend shelf life and are hand wrapped and packaged. Everything comes fresh to you from our kitchen to your doorstep.

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