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Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel 12 Piece Box

(5 customer reviews)



Sweet, salty, and made-from-scratch, these delectable Sea Salt Caramel squares use our own unique caramel recipe that melts in your mouth and are coated in Milk and Dark Chocolate and topped with a dash of sea salt. You’ll receive 6 Milk Chocolates and 6 Dark Chocolate squares in each box.

These delicious treats come packed in our signature EOD gift box and come in a pack of 12 squares.

This is a gluten free treat!

5 reviews for Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel 12 Piece Box

  1. Bill (verified owner)

    Now I know what the fuss is about. This is great. Perfect balance of rich smooth caramel and salt.

  2. Janet (verified owner)

    Well, AArons gave about the best speech, and most hilarious speech i ever heard at the Building Homes for Heroes function in November. Tried the chocolates he provided to us grateful attendees, and well, lets just say they didnt last long. Shared em with my hubby, but i cleaned out the milk chocolate ones before he even noticed the plastic was breached. Thank you for a delicious sweet salty chewy mouthful of wonderfulness!!! janet byler, proud Marine and Army Mama

  3. Susan (verified owner)

    I ordered and received the sea salt caramel tin! They were incredibly delicious! So smooth and creamy, they melt in your mouth! My family lived them as well! I plan on ordering more for Christmas if possible. If not, then after Christmas. They are addicting! I may have to try something else too! I shared the EOD page on facebook, so my friends can order these amazing products too! Thank you Aaron!

  4. Karen (verified owner)

    Rob of Flyboys Catering in C. Springs put together an amazing rehearsal dinner for my AF son and his bride in C. Springs. These caramels were served on the Creme Brule dessert. Fantastic! It wasn’t until after the event that I learned the backstory to these little gems – it made the dessert all the sweeter.

  5. Gig (verified owner)

    We received a surprise UPS box in the mail yesterday. Our daughter sent us a box of caramels. OMG! Seriously, the best caramels I have ever had. Not the gold crown sucking hard caramels I’m used to. But, the amazing slowly melt in your mouth deliciousness I love. Well done Aaron!

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