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Hello, New York City!

Hello, Friends!

What an incredible time McKayla, the twins, Grandma Janet, and I have been having in New York City! Our family along with a handful of other home recipients were invited to join Building Homes for Heroes at their annual gala, and it has been a spectacular couple days!

We started off a very special Veterans Day at the New York Stock Exchange where, coincidentally, we met the commander of the 10th Mountain Division., Major General Brian J. Menne had the honor of ringing the opening bell and after I had the privilege of a brief chat with him about the welfare of the troops. I offered to come back to my old stomping grounds at Ft. Drum, NY to speak to his soldiers about resilience,mindset, and preparing for the hard road ahead. I must have won him over since he included that I could also run his PT program! I’m going to have to tip the folks at base alterations for the masterful job on my job concealing this candy maker’s physique!

We then jumped on a shuttle for Times Square for lunch at one of our absolute favorite steakhouses, Del Friscos, before crossing the street to the Fox Business studio. Liz Claman, host of The Claman Countdown has been a tireless supporter of Building Homes for Heroes since its conception. This year, besides returning to MC the gala, Liz invited me, Joel Tavera, and George Vera along with his daughter onto the show to give an update on how our homes have impacted our lives.

Liz was generous enough to have me on her show last year where she prompted her audience to crash our website! …which they did. …twice! We were prepared this year. …or, so we thought. Before the end of the live segment Liz announced that went crashed again!! We recovered the site quickly, however, and are eternally grateful to Liz for the welcome shot in the arm to our growing business!

The last stop this Veterans Day was to the iHeartRadio studios of the Sean Hannity Show before heading back to the hotel for dinner and some much needed rest before the gala the next day.

I stayed back in the hotel with the twins as the ladies did the hair salon thing. The little guys must have been wiped out from the previous day’s journey because they were knocked out most of the day. All the better for me since we are now swamped with orders, well wishes, and requests for more speaking engagements to which I am still sorting through.

The gala was a resounding success! Everyone was dressed to the nines including my beautiful bride and our little boys who were sporting tuxes and tails. The speakers, Kirstie Ennis and Nathan Nelson, knocked it out of the park! We celebrated our Nation’s veterans and helped raise more funds to support future adapted home builds. I can think of no better way to honor our fellow wounded brothers and sisters in arms than by putting them and their families in homes custom built to fit their needs.

Thank you all for your support of our family, our small but growing candy company, and most especially our veterans and troops!

Very gratefully,

Aaron and McKayla Hale 

Aaron Hale
US Army SSG EOD (Ret) Founder of
Extra Ordinary Delights

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