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Hot and Cold Infusions
by Aaron Hale
September 1, 2018

Infuse your cream to make delicious flavored ice cream, ganache, and whipped cream!

Making ice cream with fresh mint, ganache with green tea, or creme brûlée with toasted nuts can be done with a a little hot or cold infusion. It is easier than one might think. If you’ve ever made coffee or tea, you’ve made an infusion. Cream isn’t much different. The real task is in choosing which flavor to use. So, throw out that bottle of extract and let me show you how easy it is to get that flavor right from the source.

We infuse liquids with flavors all the time. Water, vinegar, alcohol, and oils can be infused for various reasons using various methods. One of my favorite infusions, Limoncello, can be done with vodka and lemon peel over days naturally or just a few hours using a Sous Vide. While I haven’t tested the Sous Vide on cream, the methods below are tried and true, and don’t take days to make a great product. 

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